Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

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Van Morrison Brown Eyed GirlThis tune features a simple rhythm part embellished with a variety of rhythmic ideas, and will help the novice guitarist in understanding different rhythmic techniques. The main guitar part does feature some trick arpeggios that may require some practice. The acoustic part is ideal for the absolute beginner. Van Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1945, and started working as a professional musician by the time he was 15. He made his name as an R’n’B singer during the early 1960s, with his influences ranging from blues and jazz to gospel and country.

The young Morrison cut his teeth in a variety of local skiffle bands, but his real break came when he joined Them as lead singer and harmonica player.

Morrison left Them in 1966 to start work on his solo career – and the rest is history. He has recorded a string of hits including ‘Gloria’, ‘Moon Dance’ and ‘Brown Eyed Girl’.

In recent years, Morrison has worked with a host of other top names in the industry, including Cliff Richard, The Chieftains and Georgie Fame.

Brown Eyed Girl. Performance notes

Exercise 1 features the classic guitar intro. This part contains minor thirds and major thirds, diatonic to the keys of G and C major. The thirds are performed on the G and B strings, and the B and E strings. Take care with the cut-off symbols as these are vital to performing this part correctly and contribute much to the song as a whole. The intro concludes with a short melodic figure based around a D major chord.


Exercise 2 is the verse progression, performed on the electric guitar. For the purpose of this lesson 1 have used only the first verse as an example. The progression is based around the chords of G, C and D minor, as well as E minor. Although this is a very basic progression the guitar creates interest by performing a variety of different chord types, plus sliding diatonic sixths. The chords are performed as chord arpeggios and also feature some single-note lines between the various changes. When I performed this part for the audio, I used both the pick and the right-hand fingers, so if you have never used this technique before practice only a few bars at a time – and slowly – until you are completely familiar with the part.

Brown Eyed Girl. Rhythmic exercises…

Exercise 3 is the pre-chorus, performed on the electric guitar. Once again the example uses diatonic sixths, plus the D major chord, performed with rhythmic mutes. The D chord is performed as a diad, using D, the root note and F#, the major third, the fifth, A, is added in the bottom of the chord during bar 4.

Exercise 4 is the chorus performed on the electric guitar. This progression uses the chords of G5, C major and D7, once again embellished with rhythmic mutes. Make sure that you keep the rhythm constant to result in a lively feel.

Exercise 5 features the pre-verse performed on the electric guitar. This example includes diatonic sixths with a short melodic line played against the open G string.

I have also included the acoustic guitar chords plus an arrangement chart for our version of the tune on the audio folder. Enjoy!

Sound Advice

Brown Eyed Girl Sound advice

Acoustic guitar part

Brown Eyed Girl Acoustic guitar part

Acoustic guitar chord diagrams

Brown Eyed Girl Chords

Exercise 1

Brown Eyed Girl Tab

It’s just a part of Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl guitar tab and music sheet.

Through the link below you can download a full transcription of

Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl with backing track


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