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The Allman Brothers Band Jessica Guitar TabWe get to grips with The Allman Brothers Band enduring instrumental – all seven-odd minutes of it! A good sense of timing is crucial to the successful rendering of this tune. Watch out for the bends and make sure they’re brought accurately up to pitch. However, weighing in at 7 minutes and 27 seconds I tend to refer to it as ‘Big Jessie’! The acoustic intro shouldn’t cause too many problems. The MU parts are created by releasing the finger pressure on the chord slightly but still keeping your fingers in contact with the strings. Exercise 4 would be a good one to try if you’re new to this technique.

Instead of thinking of chords and percussive clicks (MU) I tend to treat everything as muted and just apply pressure with my fretting hand when I want the chord to come out.

Exercise 10 is the main guitar melody played by Dickie Betts, probably on a Les Paul, with a mildly distorted sound. The tone is similar in some ways to a violin and the vibrato is perfectly in time, ensuring that it sits well in the track. The parts themselves aren’t too difficult to duplicate although in the harmony version (Exercise 11) in bar 13, the minor third bend may take a few goes to get comfortable. Ensure that you reinforce the bend with your other fingers. I’ve seen quite a few people trying to bend with one finger and the results are rarely in tune.

After the 64-bar piano solo there’s a 116-bar guitar solo (those were the days!) in the new key of D major. Instead of writing out the entire solo we felt that it was best to focus on some of the highlights. The solo pieces are all based around the pentatonic major scale:

Pentatonic Major Scale. Jessica

It uses some nifty rhythmic displacement ideas to keep things interesting (let’s face it, if you’ve got 116 bars in one key to fill you need all the help you can get!).

All four examples (14a-14d) use six-note phrases that move around the bars quite nicely without upsetting things too much. The final examples (15 and 16) represent the harmony section at the end of the solo.

Sound Advice

The Allman Brothers Band Jessica. Sound Advice

Exercise 1. Acoustic Intro

The Allman Brothers Band Jessica. Intro Tab

Exercise 2. Acoustic Chorus

The Allman Brothers Band Jessica. Chorus tab

It’s just a part of The Allman Brothers Band Jessica guitar tab and sheet.

Through the link below you can download a full transcription of

Jessica with backing track


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