Flamenco Lesson. Soleares – Compas

Flamenco. Soleares - CompasOne of the most important elements of the flamenco style is rhythm, so this time we’re looking at a particular pattern of accented beats known as the compas. Although there are no excessively difficult chords or progressions in this piece, the rasgueado and golpe techniques together with the importance of keeping accurate rhythm mean it will require a fair amount of time and practice to master. Rhythm and the rhythmic compas are at the very heart of flamenco. There are many different types of compas: Malaguena, Alegrias, Bulerias and Soleares to name but a few. Each compas has its own individual rhythm and pattern of accents and a thorough understanding of these is of utmost importance to anyone seriously interested in the study of flamenco. (more…)

Tonic – Open Up Your Eyes (No Track)

Tonic – Open Up Your EyesLanding somewhere between the classic rock sounds of the Beatles, the bottom-heavy pop metal of AC/DC, and today’s mainstream offerings, Tonic’s Open Up Your Eyes is rapidly becoming a favorite guitar piece with contemporary audiences. The A&M artists scored a big No. 2 on the Modern Rock charts with this single in late 1996 and threaten to make even bigger waves with their debut album, Lemon Parade.



24 Feb 2013

Cream – The Sunshine Of Your Love

Cream – The Sunshine Of Your LoveCream was rock’s prototype power trio, and The Sunshine of Your Love was the pro­totype power trio song. Reflecting the blend of electric blues and hard rock – which precipi­tated the harder blues-rock and heavy metal of the 70s and beyond – it is arguably Cream’s best known piece and unarguably one of the greatest riff tunes of all time. Built on a line conceived by bassist Jack Bruce for Jimi Hendrix, Sunshine is a stand-out track from the classic Disraeli Gears album of 1967, and an auspicious outing for a then relatively unknown guitarist, Eric Clapton. It has since become a mainstay of both Clapton and Bruce’s live shows, a jamming favorite, and a must-know piece in the annals of blues-rock lore. (more…)

23 Feb 2013

Jeff Beck – Beck’s Bolero

Jeff Beck - Beck’s BoleroBeck’s Bolero was recorded in either late 1966 or early 1967 during the golden age of British blues-rock. It is an amazing collabora­tion. Written by Jimmy Page, the instrumental features the band that would have been Led Zeppelin, and is reputed to be Jeff Beck’s favorite all-time recording. The band was pieced together from the creme de la creme of the Yardbirds (Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page), the Who (Keith Moon), and London’s busy rock studio scene (John Paul Jones), and according to Beck, recorded “Bolero’ and a couple of other outrageous things in one day.” Beck’s Bolero was to be a maiden voyage for the all-star lineup until contractual hassles stalled and ultimately killed the project. (more…)

B, J
22 Feb 2013

Bush – Glycerine (No Track)

Bush Glycerine guitar tabsIn contrast to the Beatlesque vibe of Oasis or the neo-Zep trappings of the Stone Roses, Bush’s sound is surprisingly American for a band which is currently spearheading the newest wave of the British Invasion. Called “England’s Great Grunge Hope,” the band, fronted by singer-songwriter-rhythm guitarist Gavin Rossdale and lead guitarist Nigel Pulsford, took inspiration from a number of U.S. influences – television, the Talking Heads, Alex Chilton, Robbie Robertson, and Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as 90s alternative music pouring out of Seattle. A year ago, they were virtually unknown but hit big in 1996 with their debut album, Sixteen Stone – now beyond quadruple platinum – and ear-catch­ing tunes like “Everything Zen,” “Comedown,” and Glycerine. (more…)

20 Feb 2013

Marking Twain. The Sounds of Shania (Country Lesson)

Shania Twain country lessonBenson, Brent and Beck: what’s the connection and who among them is Shania’s ‘show-off’? There are some slippery, speedy moves which may be familiar, but if you’re not used to playing without a pick then the repetitive plucking might put a strain on your muscles – take it easy at first! I’ll explain the connection between the above named players in a moment, but first I’ll answer the question concerning which of them plays guitar on Shania Twain’s album, Come On Over which, incidentally, has become the biggest-selling country album ever! Shania (Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year) can boast to having Nashville’s number one country picker (CMA Musician of the Year winner once again), Brent Mason, who plays ‘licks and solos’ according to the album’s credits. (more…)

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