Soundgarden – Outshined

Soundgarden - OutshinedCombining the distorted crushing sounds of heavy metal a la Black Sabbath with the angst and irony of punk, Soundgarden kept hard rock alive in the alternative world. One of the seminal Seattle bands, Soundgarden had the largest local following prior to Nirvana‘s kicking down the music industry doors in the early 90s. Soundgarden’s 1991 release, Badmotorfinger, marked a high point for the group and remains a signature statement. One of Soundgarden’s most accessible and accom­plished records, it is distinguished by more var­ied textures, tempos and tangents than its pre­decessors; the primal guitar riffs of Kim Thayil; and the much-touted track Outshined. (more…)

18 Jun 2013

The Wallflowers – Bleeders (No Track)

The Wallflowers - BleedersThe Wallflowers are hardly what their name suggests. This energetic group has caught everyone’s attention by playing tight, no-nonsense American rock for a new generation – in the tradition of The Band, Tom Petty, The Traveling Wilburys, and mid-60s Bob Dylan. If pedigree accounts for anything, you can factor in the fact that Jakob Dylan. Bob’s son, is at the helm, and you can also point to the success of their 1996 album, Bringing Down the Horse. Bleeders is a leading cut from the record, loaded with plenty of crashing, jangling electric guitars, soulful organ touches, and a cooking rhythm section groove. (more…)

15 Jun 2013

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday tabsThe forerunners of today’s alternative scene, Ireland’s U2 provided an early glimpse of the alternative approach in the 80s with their unique brand of textural colorist/minimalist rock. Sunday Bloody Sunday, a clas­sic track from the classic 1983 U2 album, War, ranks high as one of the finest cuts the band has ever recorded. A veritable showcase for the sonic imagery of The Edge (guitarist Dave Evans), it teems with anti-traditional ele­ments: guitar sound effects and vivid musical colors which paint mental pictures in the lis­tener’s ear. A masterpiece of textural rock Sunday Bloody Sunday is an important piece in rock history that unerringly points to the developments of the 90s. (more…)

9 Jun 2013

Oasis – Roll With It

Oasis – Roll With It tabsOasis has it. Call it attitude, call it the X-factor, call it rock ‘n’ roll… Sporting the same sort of insolent British swagger as their forebears (the Beatles, early Stones, Kinks, and the Who), the Manchester-bred, working-class band is currently spearheading the lat­est assault on the world’s pop charts. The hot sophomore release of 1996, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, is an eclectic mix of diverse, acoustic-tinged pop rock in the distinctly Anglo tradition of the 60s British Invasion, and has similarly taken America by storm with such prominent hit tracks as “Wonderwall,” and “Champagne Super-nova,” and much-requested al­bum cuts as Roll With It. Yep, Oasis has it, and it’s abundantly self-evident on Roll With It. (more…)

6 Jun 2013

Chuck Berry – No Particular Place To Go

Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go LessonChuck Berry is the father of rock guitar. Though the elements were in the air, no one before him had hit upon the formula that put it all together – boogie-woogie piano style, jump blues rhythms, and Chicago-based elec­tric guitarwork – or packaged it so neatly. Berry’s accomplishments are now imbedded in the core of rock music. Anyone picking up a guitar post-1955 has been influenced by him, directly or indirectly, and that includes the Beatles, Stones, the Who, Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Ed Van Halen, or the latest kid on the block. Chuck was “discov­ered” and brought to Chess records in 1953 by none other than Muddy Waters himself, the Father of Electric Blues. Between the two, you have the essential DNA for practically all rock music to follow – but that’s another story. Today’s story is No Particular Place to Go, one of Berry’s biggest hits (No. 10 in 1964), a career-defining statement, and an immortal piece of the rock guitar legacy. (more…)

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2 Jun 2013

Nirvana – The Man Who Sold the World

Nirvana – The Man Who Sold the World TabsGrunge moved into the acoustic realm with the 1994 release Nirvana Unplugged in New York. MTV’s Unplugged is generally considered to be a songwriter’s forum, and Nirvana’s set was no exception – only many of the songs were covers of other songwriters near and dear to Cobain, and not the expected lineup of Nirvana hits-sans-juice. Taped on January 10, 1992, the repertoire contained no Nirvana standards (except “Come As You Are”) and included num­bers from the Meat Puppets, the Vaselines, and David Bowie. Run-throughs earlier in the day were plagued with sound problems and mis­takes. Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World was a particularly sticky situation. The band never got through the song in rehearsal (after a few abortive tries), and Cobain even announced it at the show by saying, “I guarantee I will screw this song up.” (more…)

22 May 2013
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