Hoagy Carmichael – I Get Along Without You Very Well

Hoagy Carmichael I Get Along Without You Very WellWe take a look at a song that knows more than it’s telling… This time we dip once again into the repertoire of one of the 20th century’s greatest songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael. I Get Along Without You Very Well has a nice little story attached to it -one which I’ve heard from several sources and therefore believe to be true. Apparently, Hoagy wrote the tune around a poem sent to him by a fan who had recently lost her husband. In the poem, she is saying that she misses her husband, but she’s fine and not to worry. Hoagy was so touched by the sentiment expressed in what the lady concerned had written that he set it to music and it subsequently became a big hit. (more…)

C, H
12 Dec 2012

Introduce Yourself. Jazz Openings (Jazz Intro)

Jazz Intro lessonThey say that first impressions count for an awful lot and that is certainly true of intros to chord melody pieces. Here, it is your job to set the scene for the piece you are about to play: create the proper atmosphere and draw your audience in to the main body of the song. It’s a time when you can be at your most creative, too: imagine -you’ve got at least eight bars in which you can let your creativity run riot! (more…)

Neal Hefti – Lil Darlin

Neal Hefti Lil’ DarlinThe most famous version of Lil Darlin was for big band and, despite the fact that we’ve got only six strings at our disposal, with a little effort we can summon up the style and feel of a large ‘jazz orchestra’. If you listen to the version on the track, you’ll hear how we’ve included many moving parts within the tune’s basic melody. This is done to imitate the way the different instruments of a big band would play different parts of the arrangement in counterpoint. Note how the tempo and the fact that I’m playing very slightly behind the beat makes the tune sound ‘large’ – it literally acquires more weight in this way. (more…)

H, N
18 Nov 2012
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