Asia – Sole Survivor

Asia – Sole Survivor Guitar TabThere’s a whole raft of techniques to master in this mammoth metal monster. Take your time and your patience will be rewarded. John’s present band is a lot rockier then previous incarnations so, as the song’s in D minor, we decided to use a drop D tuning to make it a little heavier and to give something to hit when between sections. The intro is pretty much the same as the original one, but don’t worry about all the time signature changes. I didn’t realise how awkward it is until I had to write it out, so you’ll probably find it a lot easier to just listen to it a few times. From bar 15 there’s a neat little pattern of ascending fifths. As there are some spaces in between I used the low D to accentuate the ‘straight-eighths’ feel. (more…)

30 Nov 2012

Alex De Grassi – Short Order

Alex De Grassi Short Order guitar tabWe’re looking at a brief, but none-the-less significant, tune from one of the world’s leading fingerstyle guitarists. Ladeez and gentlemen, Alex de Grassi… With an Italian family history, Japanese birthplace, and Californian upbringing, Alex de Grassi brings a wealth of musical influences and cultures to the acoustic guitar. One of the original “Windham Hill” guitarists, Alex’s debut album Turning: Turning Back (1978) was a milestone in the development of the art of contemporary fingerstyle guitar. With each new release, De Grassi unveiled a widening range of musical colours, from the folk and blues influences of his early recordings through classical and ensemble forms, into Latin and jazz settings. (more…)

A, D, G
18 Nov 2012

Introduce Yourself. Jazz Openings (Jazz Intro)

Jazz Intro lessonThey say that first impressions count for an awful lot and that is certainly true of intros to chord melody pieces. Here, it is your job to set the scene for the piece you are about to play: create the proper atmosphere and draw your audience in to the main body of the song. It’s a time when you can be at your most creative, too: imagine -you’ve got at least eight bars in which you can let your creativity run riot! (more…)

Neal Hefti – Lil Darlin

Neal Hefti Lil’ DarlinThe most famous version of Lil Darlin was for big band and, despite the fact that we’ve got only six strings at our disposal, with a little effort we can summon up the style and feel of a large ‘jazz orchestra’. If you listen to the version on the track, you’ll hear how we’ve included many moving parts within the tune’s basic melody. This is done to imitate the way the different instruments of a big band would play different parts of the arrangement in counterpoint. Note how the tempo and the fact that I’m playing very slightly behind the beat makes the tune sound ‘large’ – it literally acquires more weight in this way. (more…)

H, N
18 Nov 2012
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