Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love

Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love Guitar TabsA standout track from the first Van Halen album, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love began life as a satirical commentary on the late 70s punk scene. Initially, Ed was unsure about the song. He felt it was a trivial tune, maybe too simple, and was actually reluctant to bring it to the band. He shouldn’t have worried. It went on to become one of the most popular Van Halen songs, remaining on the concert set list to the present, almost twenty years later. In Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, Ed’s sound was never browner. He processes his patented and imme­diately recognizable cranked Marshall tone with phasing (MXR Phase 90) and echo (Echoplex tape delay) for a particularly attrac­tive greasy result that colors the arrangement perfectly. (more…)

28 Jan 2013

Paul Gilbert Lesson – Pablo Wablo. Part 2

Paul Gilbert Lesson Part 2Return of the son of the son of screaming Blues-o-mania (slight return). In this article we conclude our two-part Paul Gilbert lesson with a scary blues jam. This piece includes lots of fast scale lines and pentatonic phrasing. You will need a good picking technique and fluid legato. Try approaching it in small sections to start with. The rhythm part is more approachable for the moderate player and includes some excellent rhythm ideas. Welcome to the second part of our masterclass with US shred-meister Paul Gilbert. Last time, we saw Paul blasting over with a neo-classical edge, a style that Paul was renowned for in his Racer X days. This time, it’s time for our good friend – the 12-bar blues in A. If any of you have seen any of Paul’s instructional videos, you will know that he is a master of rapid pentatonic/blues licks. Check out his Jimi Hendrix tribute album for more of the same. (more…)

Jamie Findlay – The Art of Acquiring Attributes

Jamie Findlay The Art of Acquiring AttributesThis time we’re looking at what might be best described as guitar yoga. Get your left hand in shape with this workout by acoustic guitarist Jamie Findlay. The piece is really quite tricky. The left hand changes are particularly challenging. Jamie Findlay is a wonderful acoustic fingerstyle/jazz guitarist. Jamie teaches at GIT in LA. This transcription is from his album Amigos del Corazon and the tide is nearly as tricky as some of the chord shapes in the music. The Art of Acquiring Attributes might have been better titled ‘The Art of Acquiring Sore Hands, Back and Bum While Overloading your Mind and Ears With Some Very Spicy Chords’. I did struggle a bit with the chord changes, although in the end it was very enjoyable to play through. (more…)

F, J
8 Jan 2013

Paul Gilbert Lesson – Pablo Wablo

Paul Gilbert Lesson Pablo WabloThis song makes use of some serious techniques – even the well seasoned shredder will have his work cut out. Practise it in small lumps and build the speed up gradually. The riff is fairly straightforward and is a great example of writing with the harmonic minor scale. It’s time for another Masterclass, so have your cordless drills at the ready – here’s Pablo Gilberto! Some time ago we published Albert Lee masterclass, song Why Not? Paul Gilbert needs no introduction. From Shrapnel shredders Racer X to chart topping rock supergroup Mr Big, Paul always displays awesome technique and a great sense of humour. These days, Paul is embarking on a solo career writing power pop songs with a definite Cheap Trick vibe. (more…)

G, P
4 Jan 2013

John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers – Have You Heard

John Mayall and Bluesbreakers Have You Heard TabIt’s the 1960s and Clapton is God in rhythm-and-blues heaven… A lot of the licks here are reasonably simple to execute, but their timing and placement in the bar will take a lot of practice to perfect here are very few albums that live up to the epithet “ground breaking” or ‘iconoclastic’, but John Mayall’s Blues Breakers featuring Eric Clapton (hitherto known as the Beano album) can safely satisfy any set of criteria you care to throw at it. It’s difficult for the current generation of guitarists to appreciate just what an impact the album had on the world at large. Clapton’s reputation at the time was that of a serious guitarist with an almost unfathomable capacity for pulling amazing licks out of a guitar night after night. (more…)

J, M
2 Jan 2013

Jazz Metal. Melodic Minor Licks

Melodic minor lessonIf you’ve been following our series of articles devoted to the melodic minor scale and its modes, these examples shouldn’t be too difficult to understand. However, most of them will present technical difficulties when played at full tempo. In this lesson, we’re going to conclude our recent series on the modes of melodic minor by looking at how I use some of these scales in my music. Before getting started, though, we should summarise some of the things that we have learned about the melodic minor modes in general. Purely for the sake of convenience, we are once again going to take a look at C melodic minor and its modes, as this particular scale has only one flat (Eb): (more…)

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