Dishwalla – Counting Blue Cars

Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars tabsWe’re speaking about Dishwalla and their hot break­through single, Counting Blue Cars, and their smash debut album, Pet Your Friends. Distinguished by J.R. Richards’ gutsy vocals, Rodney Browning’s heavy and atmospheric guitar work, and the solid rhythm section of Scot Alexander (bass) and George Pendergast (drums), the track represents some of the best that the current mainstream pop-rock genre has to offer. (more…)

11 Feb 2013

Seven’s Up. Dominant 7th Soloing

Dominant 7th SoloingThe ever-helpful we show you how to apply chord tone ideas to a funky backing track… The are some fiddly moments towards the end of the piece, but the basic principle of supplementing your pentatonic vocabulary with chord-tone ideas is one you should be able to put into practice pretty much straight away. The word arpeggio is most commonly defined as a ‘broken chord': the effect you get when your fretting hand holds down a chord shape and your picking hand strikes each note individually for that ‘House of the Rising Sun’ texture. (more…)

Live – All Over You (No Track)

Live All Over YouGuitarist Chad Taylor started the band we now know as Live over twenty years ago in high school. Raised on the sounds of R.E.M. and other 80s college-circuit groups, they have emerged as one of the most striking and popular of today’s alter­native rock outfits. All Over You is a cur­rent favorite, and a definitive example of collaborative songwriting. The story goes that Chad and singer Ed were working on the tune together the old-fashioned way, guitars in hand, face-to-face. What Ed had written as the chorus, Chad perceived as “a weird verse.” In responding, he tried to make up a fitting chorus, and came up with the D and F# chords which axe now in the verse. At one point in the process, they realized what was going on, arranged the song differently and “the two parts came together instantly.” (more…)

7 Feb 2013

Foo Fighters – Big Me

Foo Fighters Big MeInstead of resting on his laurels or taking an extended hiatus from the scene following the death of Kurt Cobain, ex-Nirvana drum­mer Dave Grohl went into the studio and recorded more than a dozen of his original songs. Playing all of the instruments, he completed the project in record time. Mostly first takes, the basic rhythm tracks were done in two and a half days, and the album was finished in seven days. Now that’s a work ethic! Dave labeled the project Foo Fighters, and formed the band after Capitol released the recording. (more…)

6 Feb 2013

Dave Matthews Band – Satellite (No Track)

Dave Matthews Band SatelliteDave Matthews’ music is as colorful, diverse, and uncategorizable as the man himself. His sounds do get categorized -with clumsy media labels like “jam band rock,” “bebop pop,” or his own tongue-in-cheek offering, “Con-fusion” – but these terms never do them any justice. His out­put must ultimately be appreciated for and perceived as what it is – adventurous and eclectic modern music for everyone. Raised in South Africa and now a native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Dave leads the currently very popular Dave Matthews Band. (more…)

25 Jan 2013

Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Alanis Morissette IronicGrammy-winning Alanis Morissette is the new reigning queen of power pop. Her hit album Jagged Little Pill and the subsequent well-deserved acco­lades place her squarely in the ranks of artists to be reckoned with. Ironic is one strong reason why. This popular cut is a marvelous showcase for the tight arranging approach and tuneful but dynamic style of Morissette and produc­er/ collaborator/multi-instrumentalist Glen Ballard. In Ironic, we hear a skill­ful juxtaposition of light acoustic folk­like timbres and heavy electric hard rock sounds. Additionally, some beautiful supporting guitars—acoustic, and clean and distorted electrics – are overdubbed and layered into the arrangement, further color­ing an already gorgeous track. (more…)

24 Jan 2013
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