Slide Show. Lee Roy Parnell-Style Slide Solo

Lee Roy Parnell Style Slide SoloLRP is pumping! No, not Lead Replacement Petrol, it’s slide maestro Lee Roy Parnell, of course! Lee Roy is a great singer who plays wonderful slide guitar, too! Although he’s been a hired gun in his time, Parnell is highly respected as a performer in his own right, as well as being a bona fide Fender endorsee too (he’s a Strat man all the way as far as I can tell). Incidentally, I recall reading in one of Fender’s periodicals that Lee Roy can’t be bothered searching around for particular slides, he just uses whatever is readily available, although he does favour glass. I, too, prefer glass for its smoothness and fairly vocal quality. (more…)

Pentatonic Scale Exercise

Pentatonic Scale ExercisePentatonic Scale lesson will improve your plectrum technique while checking your timekeeping, it’ll test your fretting ability and help develop co­ordination between both hands as well. In order to achieve that we need to set up a driving force, so here I’ve come up with a set of unashamedly mechanical manoeuvers… Rather than merely ascend and descend (scales or arpeggios being the usual framework or template), it’s good practice to weave musical lines and form recognisable contours. However, it’s wise to remember that our brains don’t want anything too confusing or unexpected. Although monotony can perhaps become irritating, predictability, on the other hand, is not something to be shy of… (more…)

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