Gary Moore – Cold Day In Hell

Gary Moore Cold Day In Hell TabAs far as scorching blues guitar playing is concerned, everyone needs Moore. Gary’s seriously rock vibrato and consummate blues phrasing will take a fair amount of technique to master. Having gone through many years as a rock player, Gary employs a take-no-prisoners approach to both tone and attack – so be prepared to give your guitar a fairly rough ride while studying this piece! Gary has gone through some changes in the kind of equipment he chooses over the years and so we can’t be absolutely sure which gear he chose for these sessions. We can guess, of course, and ears tell me that the original track sounds like a Les Paul/Marshall Bluesbreaker combination. (more…)

G, M
15 Nov 2012

Peter Green – Black Magic Woman

There’s probably an argument raging somewhere as to who recorded the definitive version of this track. The main contenders are Carlos Santana and Peter Green – heavyweights all – but both versions are different enough to be worthy in their own right. Santana’s instrumental rendering is a classic example of his playing at that time: urgent, Latin-influenced blues-rock. Peter Green’s version of Black Magic Woman is in an almost completely different mould: just listen to the rhythm part -straight out of The Shadows’ era. (more…)

G, P
14 Nov 2012
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