Alex De Grassi – Short Order

Alex De Grassi Short Order guitar tabWe’re looking at a brief, but none-the-less significant, tune from one of the world’s leading fingerstyle guitarists. Ladeez and gentlemen, Alex de Grassi… With an Italian family history, Japanese birthplace, and Californian upbringing, Alex de Grassi brings a wealth of musical influences and cultures to the acoustic guitar. One of the original “Windham Hill” guitarists, Alex’s debut album Turning: Turning Back (1978) was a milestone in the development of the art of contemporary fingerstyle guitar. With each new release, De Grassi unveiled a widening range of musical colours, from the folk and blues influences of his early recordings through classical and ensemble forms, into Latin and jazz settings. (more…)

A, D, G
18 Nov 2012

Scott Joplin The Entertainer

This time we look at the world’s most famous ragtime tune, with no altered tuning, no capo and definitely no funny business. Could it be the millennium bug? The Entertainer is probably more famous as the theme tune to the movie The Sting (1974). Ironically, it wasn’t a particular success in its own time (at a time when chart success was measured only by the sales of sheet music and piano rolls). Composed by Scott Joplin (1868-1917), it was first published in 1902. (more…)

J, S
14 Nov 2012
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