Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking Exercises

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Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking ExercisesHybrid picking is always great fun and often challenging. Let’s think of the great Chet Atkins and do it some more… Making an entrance: the solo’s entrance is surely reminiscent of Albert Lee, although Albert once told that Chet Atkins was certainly one of his early influences, especially concerning that kind of playing which involves hybrid picking and multiple string grabs or fingerpicking patterns. To play this effectively and efficiently, think forward or ahead (don’t rush the timing at all, though); it’s about setting up the correct fretting fingering fractionally in advance of when it’s actually required – this is vital information, you know.

Around bar 3 the idea takes a turn – it’s basically a change of direction. Then it keeps flipping direction for a little longer. Still, keep that onward fretting fingering in mind throughout this passage (ignore the recommended fingerings shown by the noteheads at your peril!)

By the end of bar 5 I’ve exhausted the pedal tone idea and I naturally began playing a scale suitable for creating a dominant 7 sound – even if there isn’t a dominant 7 chord in the accompaniment. In this case I can say after the event that I used my existing knowledge of the G Mixolydian mode (the C major scale where the perspective is centred on it’s 5th scale step, G). At the time, though, I would have merely been letting my fingers walk around a pattern that I instinctively knew would work (I needed to know my Mixolydian patterns on the fingerboard, of course!) Anyway, listen out for the b7 of G (F) and the 9th (A) which are my target notes hereabouts.

Coming out of bar 6, I spontaneously recreated an old Chet Atkins lick that I learned in the bath when I was a teenager – what I mean is, I saw a guy play the lick on TV earlier that evening! Incidentally, don’t worry about thinking Lydian mode or whatever because this kind of lick is simply flash, speedy stuff that happens to fall readily under the fingers.

At bar 8 you can hear me transforming back into a clone of Albert Lee for a while. But I wasn’t self-conscious so it doesn’t sound hesitant. I really don’t mind if you call me a plagiarist in this case (come and see me gig and I’ll throw in some Larry Carlton licks and a few Santana ones, too!) Finally, from bar 14 to the classic ending. Cheers

Sound Advice

Hybrid Picking Exercises sound advice

Hybrid Picking Exercises Tab

It’s a part of Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking Exercises guitar lesson.

Below you can download a full transcription with tabs and notes of

Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking Exercises with backing track


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