Dave Matthews Band – Satellite (No Track)

Dave Matthews Band SatelliteDave Matthews’ music is as colorful, diverse, and uncategorizable as the man himself. His sounds do get categorized -with clumsy media labels like “jam band rock,” “bebop pop,” or his own tongue-in-cheek offering, “Con-fusion” – but these terms never do them any justice. His out­put must ultimately be appreciated for and perceived as what it is – adventurous and eclectic modern music for everyone. Raised in South Africa and now a native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Dave leads the currently very popular Dave Matthews Band. (more…)

25 Jan 2013

Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Alanis Morissette IronicGrammy-winning Alanis Morissette is the new reigning queen of power pop. Her hit album Jagged Little Pill and the subsequent well-deserved acco­lades place her squarely in the ranks of artists to be reckoned with. Ironic is one strong reason why. This popular cut is a marvelous showcase for the tight arranging approach and tuneful but dynamic style of Morissette and produc­er/ collaborator/multi-instrumentalist Glen Ballard. In Ironic, we hear a skill­ful juxtaposition of light acoustic folk­like timbres and heavy electric hard rock sounds. Additionally, some beautiful supporting guitars—acoustic, and clean and distorted electrics – are overdubbed and layered into the arrangement, further color­ing an already gorgeous track. (more…)

24 Jan 2013

The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run

The Ventures Walk Don’t RunThe roots of instrumental rock and surf music sprang from this immortal 1960 cut from the Ventures. This is one of those recordings that changed history, and the way a guitar sounded and was played. It marked the end of the 50s, and anticipated the larger role for rock guitar in the 60s and beyond. In the tradition of countless groundbreaking rock records made since, it’s a true hybrid combining some pretty unlikely sources. Back then, jazz, country, and rock ‘n’ roll did­n’t have much in common. Not much, that is, until the Ventures tackled Walk Don’t Run. Written by virtuoso jazz guitarist Johnny Smith, it came to guitarists Bob Bogle and Don Wilson by way of Chet Atkins, who did a simplified version on his Hi Fi In Focus album. (more…)

21 Jan 2013

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane

Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane TabsThis lesson provided by Dave Navarro, ex-guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers. Aeroplane is one of the leaner tracks on One Hot Minute. There are only a couple of guitars on this song no more than three. The intro is dou­bled two guitars and played with a clean sound. There’s a little bit of delay and tremolo bar on that part. (more…)

20 Jan 2013

Paul Gilbert Lesson – Pablo Wablo. Part 2

Paul Gilbert Lesson Part 2Return of the son of the son of screaming Blues-o-mania (slight return). In this article we conclude our two-part Paul Gilbert lesson with a scary blues jam. This piece includes lots of fast scale lines and pentatonic phrasing. You will need a good picking technique and fluid legato. Try approaching it in small sections to start with. The rhythm part is more approachable for the moderate player and includes some excellent rhythm ideas. Welcome to the second part of our masterclass with US shred-meister Paul Gilbert. Last time, we saw Paul blasting over with a neo-classical edge, a style that Paul was renowned for in his Racer X days. This time, it’s time for our good friend – the 12-bar blues in A. If any of you have seen any of Paul’s instructional videos, you will know that he is a master of rapid pentatonic/blues licks. Check out his Jimi Hendrix tribute album for more of the same. (more…)

Meet The Flintstones. Theme Tune

Flintstones Theme Tune Tab SheetDown to Bedrock for a little prehistoric jazz with Fred and Wilma… A fairly slow tempo and very few speedy runs puts this transcription within reach of a lot of players. Believe it or not, this lesson continues our look at rhythm changes, which we’ve been covering for the past couple of articles. In those articles, we ‘saw how the chord arrangement to Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm has become a jazz staple and how many other tunes share its basic harmonic point of view. In order to illustrate this fact to its fullest extent, we came up with what is possibly the least likely contender for jazz treatment, the theme to The Flintstones. Yes, Fred and Wilma’s signature tune shares its chord arrangement with I Got Rhythm – there’s a fact you can bring up at your next dinner party! (more…)

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