AC/DC – Hells Bells

If you like High Voltage rock’n’roll and you’re on a Highway to Hell into Rock’n’Roll Damnation, then dig out that old school uniform and… Let There Be Rock! Hells Bells. Okay, I know that introduction sounded like a corny opening to the Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show, but there’s no doubt about it, AC/DC have made their mark on rock’n’roll history. Back in Black is one of the biggest-selling rock albums of all time and this classic track from almost 30 years ago still sounds as fresh as a daisy. (more…)

14 Nov 2012

Get Connected. Pentatonic Scale Positions

The idea of this feature is to take a well-known, all-purpose scale shape used by pretty much every guitarist and look at various ways of linking it with a whole network of complementary shapes all over the fretboard. Before reading on, try this little experiment: locate the backing track in the folder and improvise along with it, using any licks that you know in the key of A minor… (more…)

Peter Green – Black Magic Woman

There’s probably an argument raging somewhere as to who recorded the definitive version of this track. The main contenders are Carlos Santana and Peter Green – heavyweights all – but both versions are different enough to be worthy in their own right. Santana’s instrumental rendering is a classic example of his playing at that time: urgent, Latin-influenced blues-rock. Peter Green’s version of Black Magic Woman is in an almost completely different mould: just listen to the rhythm part -straight out of The Shadows’ era. (more…)

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14 Nov 2012

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

The subject matter of Smoke On The Water is part of rock folklore, relating as it does some of the more colourful incidents which occurred during the making of Deep Purple’s seminal Machine Head album (released 1972). The heard on Machine Head, and it’s been arranged so that the main guitar part features the lead break in the solo section, and the rhythm work elsewhere in the track. The additional rhythm heard underneath the solo has been transcribed separately, and you’ll hear this part isolated on the backing track. Let’s get stuck in… (more…)

14 Nov 2012

Metallica – Stone Cold Crazy

Metallica Stone Cold Crazy guitar tab

The original version of this tune, as every self-respecting Queen fan will know, can be found on the 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack. The Metallica version is noteworthy in that it represents the only time the band have ever covered a tune because they were told to: it was commissioned by Electra Records as part of the a double CD entitled Rubaiyat intended to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The easiest way to track down the recording now is to find the Garage Inc album, which includes ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ under the heading ‘B-Sides and One-Offs, 88-91′. (more…)

13 Nov 2012
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