Neal Hefti – Lil Darlin

Neal Hefti Lil’ DarlinThe most famous version of Lil Darlin was for big band and, despite the fact that we’ve got only six strings at our disposal, with a little effort we can summon up the style and feel of a large ‘jazz orchestra’. If you listen to the version on the track, you’ll hear how we’ve included many moving parts within the tune’s basic melody. This is done to imitate the way the different instruments of a big band would play different parts of the arrangement in counterpoint. Note how the tempo and the fact that I’m playing very slightly behind the beat makes the tune sound ‘large’ – it literally acquires more weight in this way. (more…)

H, N
18 Nov 2012

Faking It. Slide guitar lesson

Jeff Beck Fake Slide GuitarThe idea here is to use the tremolo arm to emulate the kind of glissando effect normally obtained only by bottleneck players. You might find this interesting if you want to add a touch of that ‘slide guitar’ sound into your playing without having to raise the action of your instrument or worry about where to put the slide when you’re not using it. Jeff Beck: known to fake the odd slide. This technique will never sound exactly like guitarist playing with a real slide – there’s only one way to sound like an authentic slide player and that’s to become one! However, it is possible to emulate slide guitar to the extent that the listener will recognise what you’re trying to do and it’s an interesting trick to have up your sleeve. (more…)

Working it out. Rock N Roll Guitar Rhythms (Full)

Rock N Roll guitar rhythms lessonThe piece is pretty straightforward but it will take a little while to get used to the left-hand stretches and to build up enough stamina. The first thing you need to do is to get your hand in a good starting position. Ideally it should look something like that in the illustration above. Try to get it so that it feels comfortable as it’s going to be kept in a similar position throughout the piece. The first bar of the tune goes between the starting position and (for arguments’ sake) position 2 (see picture 1). (more…)

Understanding Music intervals. Thirds and Sixths

Understanding Music intervals. Thirds and SixthsThe music intervals of thirds and sixths are commonly found in classical guitar music of all periods. Here’s why they are so important. The interval of a third is the interval between two notes, two diatonic scale degrees apart: for example, C -E, A – C. A third formed from two whole tones is a major third; one made up of a whole tone and a semitone is a minor third. These music intervals when joined together make up the diatonic triads. (more…)

Bo Diddley – Not Fade Away

Bo Diddley Not Fade Away TabsBuddy Holly’s classic pop with a dash of Rolling Stones and Bo Diddley’s unmistakable influence! It’s easy to forget that this track was originally penned by Buddy Holly. I think it’s probably true to say that most people think of the Stones’ version first when ‘Not Fade Away’ comes up in conversation. Or perhaps they can hear Bo Diddley’s unmistakable rhythm powering things along. What I’ve tried to do with my version is honour all of the above. If you’re after the original Holly version, you should be able to put it together by following the rhythm part alone following a quick listen to the original. A little bit of re-styling may be necessary but all the basic essentials are there. (more…)

17 Nov 2012

Gary Moore – Cold Day In Hell

Gary Moore Cold Day In Hell TabAs far as scorching blues guitar playing is concerned, everyone needs Moore. Gary’s seriously rock vibrato and consummate blues phrasing will take a fair amount of technique to master. Having gone through many years as a rock player, Gary employs a take-no-prisoners approach to both tone and attack – so be prepared to give your guitar a fairly rough ride while studying this piece! Gary has gone through some changes in the kind of equipment he chooses over the years and so we can’t be absolutely sure which gear he chose for these sessions. We can guess, of course, and ears tell me that the original track sounds like a Les Paul/Marshall Bluesbreaker combination. (more…)

G, M
15 Nov 2012
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