Duane Eddy – Peter Gunn

Duane Eddy Peter GunnAlong with The Shadows’ Hank Marvin, Duane Eddy has to be one of the most successful instrumental guitarists to emerge from the rock’n’roll era. Born April 26th, 1938, in New York, Eddy began playing guitar at the age of five. He was influenced by such guitarists as Chet Atkins, Les Paul and Barney Kessel. Duane was renowned for his simple melodies (more often than not played on the bottom strings of the guitar) and healthy doses of trem-arm vibrato and reverb. Eddy’s career continued through the 50s and 60s, with this track, ‘Peter Gunn’, being used for the soundtrack to the film The Blues Brothers. (more…)

D, E
19 Nov 2012

Pentatonic Scale Exercise

Pentatonic Scale ExercisePentatonic Scale lesson will improve your plectrum technique while checking your timekeeping, it’ll test your fretting ability and help develop co­ordination between both hands as well. In order to achieve that we need to set up a driving force, so here I’ve come up with a set of unashamedly mechanical manoeuvers… Rather than merely ascend and descend (scales or arpeggios being the usual framework or template), it’s good practice to weave musical lines and form recognisable contours. However, it’s wise to remember that our brains don’t want anything too confusing or unexpected. Although monotony can perhaps become irritating, predictability, on the other hand, is not something to be shy of… (more…)

Matteo Carcassi – Opus One (Op. 60 No. 1)

Matteo Carcassi Opus One (Op. 60 No. 1)The practice of scales is considered to be exceedingly dull. Here’s how to make it more interesting and rewarding. This study does have a few tricky corners and should be played at a slow tempo to begin with. The arpeggio section will probably need extra practice to reach the same tempo as the rest of the piece. The Italian guitarist/composer Matteo Carcassi was one of the great virtuosi of the 19th century. Famed during his lifetime for his concert tours of Europe, including annual trips to London and Paris, he is now chiefly remembered for his 25 melodious and progressive studies, Opus 60. (more…)

The Classic Touch. Mixolydian Flat 6 (Full)

The Classic Touch. Mixolydian Flat 6It’s big, it’s majestic – it’s the mixolydian flat 6 scale. This scale is only one note away from a scale that will be familiar to most guitarists. The shapes are written out, so you shouldn’t have too many problems. In this tutorial we’re going to be looking at the 5th mode of C melodic minor – G Mixolydian flat 6: (more…)

Alex De Grassi – Short Order

Alex De Grassi Short Order guitar tabWe’re looking at a brief, but none-the-less significant, tune from one of the world’s leading fingerstyle guitarists. Ladeez and gentlemen, Alex de Grassi… With an Italian family history, Japanese birthplace, and Californian upbringing, Alex de Grassi brings a wealth of musical influences and cultures to the acoustic guitar. One of the original “Windham Hill” guitarists, Alex’s debut album Turning: Turning Back (1978) was a milestone in the development of the art of contemporary fingerstyle guitar. With each new release, De Grassi unveiled a widening range of musical colours, from the folk and blues influences of his early recordings through classical and ensemble forms, into Latin and jazz settings. (more…)

A, D, G
18 Nov 2012

Introduce Yourself. Jazz Openings (Jazz Intro)

Jazz Intro lessonThey say that first impressions count for an awful lot and that is certainly true of intros to chord melody pieces. Here, it is your job to set the scene for the piece you are about to play: create the proper atmosphere and draw your audience in to the main body of the song. It’s a time when you can be at your most creative, too: imagine -you’ve got at least eight bars in which you can let your creativity run riot! (more…)

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