Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison Brown Eyed GirlThis tune features a simple rhythm part embellished with a variety of rhythmic ideas, and will help the novice guitarist in understanding different rhythmic techniques. The main guitar part does feature some trick arpeggios that may require some practice. The acoustic part is ideal for the absolute beginner. Van Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1945, and started working as a professional musician by the time he was 15. He made his name as an R’n’B singer during the early 1960s, with his influences ranging from blues and jazz to gospel and country. (more…)

M, V
20 Nov 2012

Taking The Lead. Pentatonic Solo

Taking The Lead. Pentatonic Solo lessonIn this lesson we examine how you can apply the five shapes from lesson Get Connected. Pentatonic Scale Positions in a slightly different context… The backing track accompanying lesson pentatonic excursion was considerate enough to stay in the key of A minor throughout so, whichever pentatonic position you were using, all you had to do to round off a phrase effectively was to find the nearest root note (in that example, A). An identical approach would get you through certain simple chord progressions, for instance, the classic minor blues progression (using the chords Am, Dm and Em) can actually be tackled using Am pentatonic throughout. (more…)

Slide Show. Lee Roy Parnell-Style Slide Solo

Lee Roy Parnell Style Slide SoloLRP is pumping! No, not Lead Replacement Petrol, it’s slide maestro Lee Roy Parnell, of course! Lee Roy is a great singer who plays wonderful slide guitar, too! Although he’s been a hired gun in his time, Parnell is highly respected as a performer in his own right, as well as being a bona fide Fender endorsee too (he’s a Strat man all the way as far as I can tell). Incidentally, I recall reading in one of Fender’s periodicals that Lee Roy can’t be bothered searching around for particular slides, he just uses whatever is readily available, although he does favour glass. I, too, prefer glass for its smoothness and fairly vocal quality. (more…)

Thomas Robinson – Grisse His Delight

Thomas Robinson Grisse His DelightThomas Robinson – lutenist, composer and teacher to the Royal family – was one of the most prominent musicians of his time. In 1603 he published his lute method ‘The School of Musicke’, one of the greatest works of its kind, which helped advance lute technique in England during the Renaissance period. I’m not sure what the title Grisse His Delight means, but it may have been a dedication to a patron or possibly something personal. Whatever its meaning it is a lute fantasy: more specifically, a two-part canon. (more…)

R, T
20 Nov 2012

Jazz Waltz. Lydian Sharp Five Scale (Full)

John Scofileld Lydian Sharp 5 scaleIn this tutorial we take the Lydian mode and sharpen its fifth. Although most guitarists will be unfamiliar with this scale, Eb Lydian sharp five has only one flat note (Eb, F, G, A, B, C and D). Furthermore, all the various scale patterns are written out so, whatever your level, you shouldn’t have any problem playing along to this lesson’s backing track. Previously, in the The Classic Touch. Mixolydian Flat 6 lesson we looked at the fifth mode, G Mixolydian flat 6: (more…)

Soul Guitar. Come a Cropper (Full)

Soul Guitar. Come a CropperPut some soul into your playing with a tune inspired by the father of soul guitar: Mr Steve Cropper! To most of you, the name Steve Cropper is probably an unfamiliar one, but I bet that you’ve already heard his playing on countless classics such as ‘Soul Man’, ‘Green Onions’, ‘In the Midnight Hour’, ‘Knock on Wood’ and ‘(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay’, as well as a host of other Stax hits. Apart from co-writing and playing these tunes, he also went on to produce records by Jeff Beck, Tower of Power, Joe Cocker and the Temptations and, in the late 70s, toured with the Blues Brothers, at that time featuring comedians John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. (more…)

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