Albert Lee Lesson. Why Not?

Albert Lee Lesson. Why NotCountry Boy Albert Lee gives us the full monty in this masterclass – the whole circus act, in fact… AIbert Lee and Hogan’s Heroes (Gerry Hogan on pedal-steel guitar, Pete Baron on drums, Brian Hodgson on bass and Pete Wingfield on keyboards) recorded a special masterclass including a backing track. It took ages to figure out positions for certain licks (Albert shifts fretting hand position at a frightening rate, and even if you see him live it’s still difficult to follow by eye) so figuring out how the sounds heard match up with where his hands are generally involves a reasonable amount of speculation. (more…)

Asia – Sole Survivor

Asia – Sole Survivor Guitar TabThere’s a whole raft of techniques to master in this mammoth metal monster. Take your time and your patience will be rewarded. John’s present band is a lot rockier then previous incarnations so, as the song’s in D minor, we decided to use a drop D tuning to make it a little heavier and to give something to hit when between sections. The intro is pretty much the same as the original one, but don’t worry about all the time signature changes. I didn’t realise how awkward it is until I had to write it out, so you’ll probably find it a lot easier to just listen to it a few times. From bar 15 there’s a neat little pattern of ascending fifths. As there are some spaces in between I used the low D to accentuate the ‘straight-eighths’ feel. (more…)

30 Nov 2012

Modal Soloing. Locrian Nat 2 Scale

Modal Soloing. Locrian Nat 2 ScaleIn this current series of articles, such as Lydian Sharp Five Scale, Mixolydian Flat 6 we’ve seen how modes enable us to see the notes of a scale from different perspectives. As you can see, A Locrian nat 2 has the same notes as C melodic minor, but it’s viewed as an A scale so, here, the notes of an Am7b5 arpeggio are considered to be the strongest (A, C, Eb and G). As the name of this scale suggests, there is only one note different from Locrian: a major scale mode (the seventh), which is used over half-diminished chords. (more…)

In The Lead. Rock N Roll Lesson for beginners (Full)

In The Lead. Rock N Roll lesson for beginnersWell it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go cat go! With luck you’ve been busy working on Working it out.  Rock n Roll rhythms lesson, because this time I’m going to show you a really cool solo you can play over the top of it. The solo contains lots of classic licks and phrases from that era and should provide you with enough of a springboard to develop some ideas of your own, as well. Before we make a start, though, try holding your pick as illustrated in the main picture above and use downstrokes for everything. (more…)

Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking Exercises

Pick’n’Mix. Hybrid Picking ExercisesHybrid picking is always great fun and often challenging. Let’s think of the great Chet Atkins and do it some more… Making an entrance: the solo’s entrance is surely reminiscent of Albert Lee, although Albert once told that Chet Atkins was certainly one of his early influences, especially concerning that kind of playing which involves hybrid picking and multiple string grabs or fingerpicking patterns. To play this effectively and efficiently, think forward or ahead (don’t rush the timing at all, though); it’s about setting up the correct fretting fingering fractionally in advance of when it’s actually required – this is vital information, you know. (more…)

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison Brown Eyed GirlThis tune features a simple rhythm part embellished with a variety of rhythmic ideas, and will help the novice guitarist in understanding different rhythmic techniques. The main guitar part does feature some trick arpeggios that may require some practice. The acoustic part is ideal for the absolute beginner. Van Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1945, and started working as a professional musician by the time he was 15. He made his name as an R’n’B singer during the early 1960s, with his influences ranging from blues and jazz to gospel and country. (more…)

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20 Nov 2012
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