Modal Study. The Lydian Scale Flat 7

The Lydian Scale Flat 7 LessonWe continue the exploration of all things modal, this time looking at mode IV of melodic minor F Lydian b7, is only one note away from F Mixolydian. As usual, all the various scale patterns are written out so, whatever your level, you shouldn’t have any problem playing along to the backing track. We’re now near the end of our current series of articles on melodic minor. We’ve looked at modes I, II, III, V and VI, and in this lesson it’s the turn of mode IV, Lydian b7. Previous lesson was Locrian Nat 2 Scale. To keep things as simple as possible, we’ve been concentrating on the modes of C melodic minor as this scale has only one flat note: as you can see, it’s really like C major scale but with a minor 3rd: (more…)

Charlie Hunter’s Irish Jig

Charlie Hunter's Irish Jig LessonIn this lesson we take a close-up look at a traditional Irish jig – MrHunter’s, to be precise. The naming of traditional Irish tunes is something that has always fascinated me. ‘Merrily Kissed The Quaker’, ‘Rolling In The Hay’ and ‘Haste To The Wedding’ (is there a connection?) are so obscure that they belie the beautiful simplicity and sincerity of the music itself. This tune, ‘Charlie Hunter’s’, was presumably composed for or by Mr. Hunter. It’s a jig and, like all jigs, it is in 6/8 time. For this transcription we’ve written it out in 6/8, although some would choose to count it in 2/4 with triplet eighth notes: 1+a, 2+a, 1+a, 2+a and so on. 6/8 is a compound time signature, which means that it is derived from a simple duple time signature (2/4). (more…)

Call and Answer. Muddy Waters Guitar Style Blues

Muddy Waters Guitar Style lessonThis time we take a look at a very familiar and basic riff idea that has a thousand different applications! Where would we be without this particular riff? It crops up time and time again throughout blues history and goes under hundreds of pseudonyms and minor variations. But it started, in all likelihood, with Muddy Waters guitar style classic track Hoochie Coochie Man. Of course, this riff was brought to the attention of millions with the recent TV ad campaign for a certain fizzy drink -you know the one, it featured a gaggle of gals going gooey over an office window cleaner whilst I Just Want To Make Love To You blasted away in the background. (more…)

Hoagy Carmichael – I Get Along Without You Very Well

Hoagy Carmichael I Get Along Without You Very WellWe take a look at a song that knows more than it’s telling… This time we dip once again into the repertoire of one of the 20th century’s greatest songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael. I Get Along Without You Very Well has a nice little story attached to it -one which I’ve heard from several sources and therefore believe to be true. Apparently, Hoagy wrote the tune around a poem sent to him by a fan who had recently lost her husband. In the poem, she is saying that she misses her husband, but she’s fine and not to worry. Hoagy was so touched by the sentiment expressed in what the lady concerned had written that he set it to music and it subsequently became a big hit. (more…)

C, H
12 Dec 2012

Francisco Tarrega – Adelita

Francisco Tarrega Adelita Sheet musicA thorough understanding of the higher positions of the guitar is essential for playing more advanced repertoire. Unfortunately, this is often one of the last things guitarists work at improving… The main difficulties to be encountered in this piece are the many chords in unfamiliar positions. 7th-, 8th- and 9th-position barres occur frequently, especially in the major section, and will take time to master. (more…)

F, T
12 Dec 2012

One String Songs (Exercises). Working Out

One String Songs and ExercisesIn this lesson we demonstrate some invaluable technique-building exercises to boost your picking prowess and fingering finesse. These exercises and single string guitar songs can be beneficial for players of any standard -just make sure that you start at a metronome speed which reflects your technical ability and expect to improve gradually. Your patience will be rewarded. If you’ve already listened to the ten audio examples, you’ll have noticed that they all have something of a “Flight Of The Bumblebee” sound to them. (more…)

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