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Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams Tab SheetA re-make of the classic Eurythmics hit, performed by the gods of shock rock… This track contains fairly straightforward rhythm parts and riff ideas. The solos are also pretty simple and should not produce too many problems. This tune is a great example of how a song can be adapted for a different style. Hailing from Florida, Marilyn Manson were discovered by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, who produced and released their 1994 debut album Portrait of an American Family. The band began to develop a large cult following which was helped with the release of the 1995 EP Smells Like Children, yielding the band’s first big MTV hit: a dark and disturbing version of the 80s Eurythmics hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength, with the help of their demonic pale lead singer’s on- and off-stage antics (Manson was originally banned from the UK and many American cities). The guitar duties were originally handled by Daisy Berkowitz, who was later replaced by Zim Zum, John5…

Sweet Dreams. Performance notes

Exercise 1 is the intro/verse left-channel guitar riff. This was originally a keyboard riff on the Eurythmics version. The riff is based around the chords of C5, C(#5), Ab5, Ab6, G5, and G(#5), performed as a single-note figure.

Exercise 2 illustrates the right-channel guitar played in the verse. This part is very simple and includes the chords of C5, Ab5, and G5, performed with a thick distortion.

Exercise 3 shows the chorus riff for both left and right channels. Once again, this part is very straightforward and is based purely around E-string root power chord shapes. Remember: plenty of fuzz and attitude.

Exercise 4 shows the second verse intro performed by the left-channel guitar. This is a simple single-note figure which outlines the chord changes of the intro riff by simply playing their root notes. During this section, the intro riff features a strange modulation effect. I reproduced this on the audio track with a wah pedal.

Exercise 5 includes the right-channel guitar part performed in the second verse. Once again, it’s a very

simple part employing the ever-present power chord.

Exercise 6 includes the lead melody played during the second chorus. This solo is based around C Aeolian, the sixth mode of Eb major:

C   D   Eb   F   G   Ab   Bb   C

1   2   b3   4   5    b6   b7    1

This solo is more of a melodic figure, with the emphasis on creating a mood rather than a technical outing. Listen to the original to create the right feel, but keep it lazy.

Exercise 7 is the middle eight section and includes the chords of C5 and Ab5, performed with the whammy bar, feedback and tons of fuzz! Exercise 8 is the main solo, which has a disturbing vibe. The solo makes great uses of the b5 interval found in the C blues scale:

C   Bb   F   Gb   G   Bb   C

1   b3   4   b5   5   b7   1

The solo also uses notes from the C Aeolian mode. Once again, the solo is more about mood. Try to create a lazy feel and don’t worry about being too accurate with the pitch of the bends – think F#*@£D UP!

Have fun with this one and try not to scare your audience with the make-up and dental equipment!

Sound Advice

Sweet Dreams Sound Advice

Exercise 1

Sweet Dreams Exercise 1

Exercise 2 Verse

Sweet Dreams Exercise 2 Verse

It’s a part of Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams guitar tab and sheet.

Through the link below you can download a full transcription of

Sweet Dreams with backing track


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