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Live - Lakini's JuiceLakini’s Juice, the leading single from Live’s new album, Secret Samadhi, further chronicles the band’s rise as one of today’s top alternative pop-rock acts. The song is some­what of an anomaly, distinguished by brooding orchestration reminiscent of Zep’s “Kashmir” and a tough, semi-industrial riff – a clear mes­sage to all those disbelievers out there who bet on Live milking the formulas they introduced on their highly successful Throwing Copper record. “Lakini’s Juice” is also the first Live song written in an alternate tuning according to guitarist Chad Taylor, who remarked, “I’ve never written that way because every time I open-tuned my guitar, I sounded like Keith Richards!”

The Tuning

Drop D tuning, down one half step. Tune all the strings down one half step first, and then lower the sixth string a whole step to Db.

Lakini’s Juice. The Riff

Taylor’s aggressive chordal riff. Rhy. Fig. 1, introduces the song and dominates the arrangement in the verses. It is an unusual fig­ure harmonically, made of two uncommon chords. D5 and Fsus2, which are facilitated by the Drop D tuning. Note that Chad plays the pattern as a widely spread D5 voicing moving to a lighter Fsus2 [Fig. 1]. This type of movement, in which the outer parts of the chords move in opposite directions, is known as contrary motion. In this case, the A on the fourth string moves down to G#, and the open D and A notes of the D5 (on the sixth and fifth strings) move up to F# and C# – a slick and inventive modern rock riff that exploits the alternate tuning to good advantage. The figure is made even more brutal by the addition of a thick, ultra-distort­ed tone and some percussive string scrapes, which produce a secondary textural element in the riff. To play these scrapes, lift off the strings with your fret hand just enough to mute the strings and muffle the notes. With the appro­priate crunchy tone, you should achieve an effect somewhere between grinding gears and a power sander.

Lakini’s Juice. The Chorus

The chorus makes use of more typical root-5th power chords in Drop D tuning for Rhy. Fig. 2. Note that the alternate tuning allows the D5 to be played as two open strings and the Bb5 and G5 chords to he fretted as simple, one-fin­ger barred shapes on the sixth and fifth strings [Fig. 2].

Live - Lakini's Juice guitar tabs

It’s a part of Live Lakini’s Juice guitar lesson.

Below you can download PDF guitar tabs and sheet music of

Lakini’s Juice with backing track


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