How to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

Repetitive Strain Injury RSIHave you got Widdle Finger’ or ‘Roadie’s Arm’? Fear not, as we give an Instant diagnosis of typical medical complaints from modern musicians.
When The Searchers sang about ‘Needles and Pins’ in 1964 little did they know these would be among the most common early symptoms of a worrying affliction of the cyberage.
Repetitive Strain Injury is a catch-all phrase that takes in a variety of complaints, with tendonitis (inflammation of the fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone in the arms and fingers) the most common type.
While hardly a new phenomenon, the rise of computers and the use of computer keyboards in the workplace has seen a mushrooming of cases in the last decade. (more…)

Why Guitars Are Better Than Women?

Why Guitars are better than women30 reasons why the guitar better than women. Do you know why Guitars are better than women? Oh… read below :)

Guitars don’t get pregnant.
You can play your guitar any time of the month.
Guitars don’t have parents.
Guitars don’t whine… unless you want them to.
You can share your guitar with your friends.
Guitars don’t care how many other guitars you’ve played.
Guitars don’t care how many other guitars you have.
Guitars don’t care if you look at other guitars.
Guitars don’t care if you buy guitar magazines.
You’ll never hear, “Surprise, you’re going to be the proud father of a new guitar.” unless you go out to buy one yourself.
If your guitar is flat, you can fix it. (more…)

What is hybrid picking?

Hybrid Picking articleWhat is hybrid picking? I’ve read country players use it a lot.
Hybrid picking is simply the technique of playing using both a pick and your fingers, usually your middle (m) and third (a) finger, though some flash types use their little finger as well. It’s a way of achieving a strong bassline (stronger than if you use your thumb), while playing an independent part on top. It’s sometimes referred to as Travis picking, named after the country guitarist Merle Travis who developed the technique – a simple bassline is played on the beat, while the fingers play a syncopated rhythm (on the offbeats) on top. The first two bars of the example demonstrate this, while bar 3 shows a banjo roll effect. (more…)

Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll

Led Zeppelin Rock and RollThere’s a lady who’s sure, all that glitters is… no, not that one, the other one! Most of this is fairly straight­forward, although there are one or two problem areas if you wish to play it exactly the same.

It’s every transcriber’s nightmare! The phone rings: it’s Da Boss… “Can you do that classic Zep number?” The blood runs cold, those little hairs on the back of your neck that serve no useful purpose other than to signal when you’re feeling uncomfortable start to prickle. “No… not ‘Stairway’, please! Anything but that! I’ve been good, honest, I did that Steve Vai thing recently didn’t I? And 17 pages of Floyd! They’d like this one!” (more…)

21 Jul 2013

Queen – We Will Rock You

Queen – We Will Rock YouQueen’s huge double-A-sided hit We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions was spawned from the group’s 1977 album News of the World. A platinum seller, it was their most successful single to date in America, besting “Bohemian Rhapsody” and reaching #4 on the charts. Composed by guitarist Brian May, We Will Rock You was seized by the public as a crowd rallying song at all sorts of competitive and athletic events and has attained stature apart from Queen as a piece of modern folklore. No wonder – its resounding backbeat and shouting, anthemic chorus are ideal for moving a crowd no matter what the score is. (more…)

12 Jul 2013

Silverchair – Freak

Silverchair - FreakFreak Show, Silverchair’s sophomore effort, proves that the Australian grunge power trio is more than an overhyped, flash-in-the-pan, boy-wonder band. The songwriting is more evolved, the playing is tighter, the tones are heavier and more deliberate, and there is less reliance on the Seattle-inspired formulas of the first album. The current and first worldwide single, Freak, is what the group is all about: crunchy, bowel-loosening guitar rhythms, unadorned, in-your-face arranging, and the hubris of youth that has always been a cornerstone of rock music. (more…)

9 Jul 2013
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